Introduction, of myself and my Gemini client project

Hi! A few days ago I decided to start experimenting with Gemini, and I'm having a lot of fun browsing Gemini space. I have also started work on a Gemini proxy which will include a WYSIWYG editor.

leafstorm/perez on GitHub

I'm hoping either that I can turn it into a standalone client application (probably based on Electron), or that other native Gemini clients will implement WYSIWYG editing. I think ease of writing and participating is one of the areas of greatest potential for Gemini.

On that note, that I haven't written much code outside my day job in a while, other than a few utilities to support A/V production at my church. I have plenty of ideas, but I find that it takes more work than I can really dedicate to get a project started. However, because Gemini is so simple, I was able to get Perez to a functional state in less than three hours. (And I'm fairly rusty with asyncio and JavaScript.) That's another source of enjoyment.

Since Perez isn't ready for daily use I'm using Lagrange to browse Gemini space, which is very nice. And I enjoy playing SpellBinding.


My about page will probably be ready by the time you read this post.

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